While it's always great to support your local bike shop for professional overhaul and other difficult maintenance tasks that require special tools of the trade, mountain bikers of all ages and abilities should know the basics on how to properly perform pre-ride and trailside maintenance and adjustments with basic multi tools.  Whether you want to be the trailside hero, don't like to walk your bike, or just want to save some cash, these basic maintenance skills can help you along.

Trail maintenance skills include:

  • Fixing a flat tire
  • Adjusting components to optimize bike fit
  • Basic drivetrain adjustment and chain repair
  • Basic brake adjustment
  • Basic suspension set-up

Maintenance skills can be taught on a one-on-one basis or to a group. Good maintenance skills will prolong the life of your expensive bike and components, and make each ride safer and more enjoyable.

For those looking to get the most out of their bikes suspension performance, my Quarq ShockWiz rental service can take the guess work out of suspension tuning. The ShockWiz suspension tool records and analyzes your suspension's performance through recorded data during your ride and provides easy to make adjustments that synergize your bike's suspension to your riding style and terrain, and all from an easy to use, free download app for your Apple or Android phone. Initial set up will be provided to make the tuning experience a breeze!