Fundamental skills training

Mountain bike technique is much more just being able to ride a bicycle. When riding on rough, uneven terrain, core fundamental skills are essential to allow you to ride safely and confidently. Once these fundamental skills become second nature, you will be able to progress your riding and gradually tackle more difficult trails without fear. Professional riders may make it look easy, but they have practiced enough that they can use both fundamental and advanced skills 100% effectively every time they ride, and this is what allows them to ride so fast and confidently.

Without expert instruction, it's easy to develop bad habits that may hold you back as a rider and even cause you to crash more than you should and potentially become injured. Being taught fundamental skills correctly is critical to promote faster and safer progression on two wheels. There are many books and videos available on mountain biking skills, but nothing beats one-to-one instruction from a certified instructor to give you the best possible start in mountain biking.

Fundamental skills include:

  • Pre-ride bike and gear safety check
  • Body positioning
  • Foot and pedal placement
  • Basic braking techniques
  • Where to look on the trail and how to prepare for the trail ahead

Fundamental skills training can be tailored to your needs and for groups of 1-6 people.