• Make Tomorrow's Ride Better!

    Make Tomorrow's Ride Better!

    Proper instruction is the fastest way to improve your mountain biking skills and experience. Whether just beginning, want to have fun keeping up with friends, or start racing, investing in yourself thru proper training will create safer, faster and better results.
  • Explore New Trails!

    Explore New Trails!

    Just visiting or new to an area? Don't waste your day stopping to look at maps and guessing which trails you might enjoy most. Let us guide your ride, tailored personally to the types of trail you most enjoy and your skill level, and make the most of your day.
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Welcome to MTBetter!

Welcome to MTBetter: Ride and Guide! Our mission is to provide all mountain bike riders the opportunity to create a better and safer experience through proper fundamental and advanced skills training in a supportive environment. I am a certified mountain bike instructor and ride guide


  • Guiding

    Guided rides can help you explore a new trail system, reinforce good techniques and have a great day on your bike!
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  • Fundamental Skills

    If you are just starting out, learning mountain biking's fundamental skills will have you riding safely and confidently as soon as possible.
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  • Intermediate Skills

    Intermediate skills let you take your riding to the next level. Progress beyond the easier trails and confidently tackle a variety of trail obstacles.
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  • Maintenance/Suspension

    Unfortunately, all bikes need maintenance at some point. Learn how to do basic maintenance to keep you and your bike on the trail.
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  • Physical/Mental Training

    Bike-specific fitness is a crucial part of being a good rider. Mental focus and attitude is equally important to let you ride to your full ability.
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  • Race Preparation

    Racing is exciting but success starts with preparation. Whatever your goals in cross country, enduro or downhill, I can help you achieve them.
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